Meet The Ricatones

„Listen with care what woman has to say!!“ Yes – Rica has something to say and gathered „The Ricatones“ to celebrate her songs and messages with warm soul-, jazz- & reggae-vibes. The 10 wo-men strong bandcollective carries all the colours of her amazing voice with creamy choirs, fat hornstabs and a smooth pumping groove-section – all handmade music with a strong muscle!
Hear the wake up call of a power woman, loving mother, mesmerising syrene and tender wife. „All The Colours“ is the fascinating, gripping album that a world drowning in black & white needs – Love Rules!

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About The Ricatones

Ricarda Ulm - Vocals

  • Jazz&Pop HfM Hanns Eisler Berlin
  • Yvonne Catterfeld, Ayman, Ben Becker, Mitch Ryder, Marisa Turner, Della Miles, Friedrichstdtpalast, Stars In Concert…
  • Vocalcoach for Yvonne Catterfeld, Joana Zimmer, Barbara Schöneberger, Ilira, The Voice…

composition, lyrics & executive production

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the ricatones band members, helge marx, mr. marx music, bass, production, composer, mixing, arranger, best soul music, best production

Helge "Mr.Marx" - Bass

  • Musicians Institute BIT LosAngeles
  • Nina Hagen, Sarah Connor, Pierre Based and Mo Delgado from Seeed, Die Zöllner & Dirk Zöllner, Lisa Bassenge, Club der toten Dichter, Lucy van Org, OSTENde, Cherno Jobatey…

arrangements, co-composition, production & mixing

Carly Quiroz - Piano & Keys

  • Conservatorio Fracassi Buenos Aires
  • John Lee Hooker Jr., Jaime Torres, Uwe und Lutz Fahrenkrog-Petersen, Koen Schoots, Peggy March, Alberto Mompellio, Mocky, Della Miles

arrangements, co-composition

the ricatones band members, carly quiroz, piano, composer, arranger
the ricatones band members, jan stolterfoht, jan pelao, guitar, soul guitar

Jan Stolterfoht - Guitar

  • Jazz&Pop HfM Hanns Eisler Berlin
  • Beathoavenz, Denyo, Baltic Soul Orchestra, Chill Factor…
  • Productions e.g. for Seeed, Yvonne Catterfeld, Vanessa Petruo (NoAngels), Martin Jondo, Max Mutzke…

Peter Heimerl - Drums

  • Jazz/Pop HfM „Franz Liszt“ Weimar
  • The Supremes, Prinz PI, Sarah Connor, Giovanni Zarella, Nevio, Harald Juhnke, Vanessa Petruo, Ute Lemper, Barbara Schöneberger …
the ricatones band members, peter heimerl, drums, soul drummer, bernard purdy, soul groove
the ricatones band members, tamara below, backing vocals, backup vocals, soul backings,
the ricatones band members, jenny ann wilson, backing vocals, backup vocals, soul backings,
the ricatones band members, jule werkmeister, backing vocals, backup vocals, soul backings,

The Ricarmonies - Backing-Vocals

Tamara Below, J.-AnnWilson & Julenka Werkmeister

Stephan Goecke - Trumpet

  • Calexico, Max Mutzke, Gisbert zu Knyphausen, Beat ’n Blow, AkaAka, Aziza A., bosse, Locomondo, Stephen Malkmus

horn arrangements

the ricatones band members, stephan goecke, stephan göcke, trumpet, horn arrangements, soul hornsection, donald byrd, brass-section
the ricatones band members, björn frank, saxophone, soul hornsection, pee wee ellis, brass-section

Björn Frank - Saxophones

  • Jazz & Pop HMT Leipzig
  • The Boss Hoss, Udo Lindenberg, Nina Hagen, Roberto Blanco, Ohrbooten, Carmen Nebel, Big Band der Komischen Oper Berlin, Berlin Big Band, Beat`n Blow, Blechreiz, Theater des Westens, Deutsches Theater München, Maria Baptist Big Band.
the ricatones band members, nils marquardt, trombone, soul hornsection, fred wesley, brass-section

Nils Marquardt - Trombone

  • HMT Rostock and HfM Hanns Eisler Berlin
  • Keimzeit, WDR Big Band, New European Jazz Collective, Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble, the Berlin Art Orchestra, Swing Dance Orchestra, Babylon Orchestra Berlin, Markus Ehrlichs Flexible Greifftruppe, Omniversal Earkestra, the Timba Band Yuliesky Gonzalez Y Su Orquesta Cubanaché, Magetic Ghost Orchestra, German Trombone Vibration, Rotfront – Emmigrantski Raggamuffin Collective…